Staff, Volunteers and Partners

Apex works currently has 25 employees and 20 volunteers who perform a variety of roles to help our service users achieve their goals. To make sure that all our staff and volunteers have the skills they need to do this, we are constantly developing new development opportunities for them to take part in. We have signed up to both the Skills Pledge and the Informal Adult Learning Pledge.

One of our primary concerns is the welfare of our staff, volunteers and service users. With this in mind, we are developing workshops on safeguarding and stress management which will be rolled out throughout 2011. Our goal is to be recognised as a “Mindful Employer” and continue developing initiatives to support our staff and volunteers.

In July 2010 this commitment was recognised when Apex works was reaccredited with Investors in People status. One of our goals for this year is to work towards accreditation with Investors in Volunteers, to make sure that our volunteers receive the same opportunities as staff wherever possible.

Apex is very proud of its place in the multi-cultural city of Leicester and we work very hard to ensure that Apex is a welcoming place for all of our service users. We have clear guidelines on acceptable behaviour for staff, volunteers and service users, which are regularly reviewed and we make sure that any unacceptable behaviour is challenged.

We survey our staff and volunteers on a yearly basis to ensure that we represent the community we provide services for. In 2010, the ethnicity of our staff and volunteers broadly matched our service users. With regards to gender, we look after slightly more men than women but we employ more women than men; this is normal for businesses with charitable aims. Finally, approximately 25% of our service users have declared themselves as disabled which far outnumbers the 3% of our staff and volunteers who have declared a disability. Apex is constantly reviewing how we can make ourselves more accessible to those with disabilities as an employer and voluntary organisation.

One final measure, which Apex is very proud of, is our commitment to the origins of our organisation, as a charity which works with ex-offenders to help them back into the work place. Currently 12% of our employees are ex-offenders.

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